Sound to touch. Brainstorming in Amsterdam

“Amidst this dearth of noises, the first sounds that a man drew from a pierced reed or a stretched string were regarded in amazement as new and marvelous things” – Luigi Russolo, The art of noise, 1913

One century after Russolo’s groundbreaking Manifesto, the quest to “continually enlarge and enrich the field of sounds” is in steady expansion, in the fields of electronics as well as acoustics. Ensemble Interface, together with composers Beat Gysin, Amir Shpilman, Sergey Khismatov and sound sculptor Hans van Koolwijk, is initiating a project that wants to broaden the possibilities of acoustic sounds.
The project team is back from an intense weekend in Amsterdam: we visited Hans’ atelier, made the first try-outs and drafted the outlines towards a prototype of a stage-size sounding sculpture. Sound has never felt so tangible!