Patricia Alessandrini: Esquisses pour alphabet de ténèbres (2015) – for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello and electronics – WP
Pedro Álvarez: De mares imaginados (2010) for solo flute
Pedro Álvarez: Fragments after Cioran (2012) for sextet – WP
Pedro Álvarez: ibid. (2012) for flute and piano – WP
Pedro Álvarez: New forms of asymmetry (2015) for solo guitar and ensemble – WP
Pedro Álvarez: Slàinte! (2010) for piano
Luis Andriessen: Zilver (1994) for sextet
Georges Aperghis: La Nuit en tête (2000) for soprano and sextet
Dong-Jin Bae: Stille suchen (2006/07) for violin, piano and percussion – WP
Mark Barden: personæ for bass flute and bass clarinet
Robert Christoph Bauer: Das ferne Reich (2014), for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
George Benjamin: Shadowlines (2001) for piano solo
Pierluigi Billone: Mani.Mono (2007) for solo spring drum
Pierluigi Billone: Δίκη Wall for solo percussion and ensemble
Wojtek Blecharz: Torpor (2008) for violin, bass clarinet, percussion an piano
Wojtek Blecharz: K’an (2012) for steeldrum and 130 sticks
Johannes Boris Borowski: Chergui (2012) for seven instruments – WP
Pierre Boulez: Dérive I (1984) for sextet
Jason Thorpe Buchanan: Soliloquios del viento (2017) for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello and electronics – WP
Sylvano Bussotti: Lachrimae (1978)
John Cage: 4‘33“ (1952)
John Cage: Cheap Imitation (1977) for solo violin
John Cage: Composed Improvisation (1990) for snare drum
John Cage: Etudes Boreales (1978) for solo cello
John Cage: Music for carillon n.1 (1952)
John Cage: Radio Music (1956)
John Cage: Suite for Toy Piano (1948)
John Cage: The Wonderful Widow of 18 springs (1942) for voice and piano
John Cage: Variations IV (1963)
John Cage: Ryoanji
Elliott Carter: Scrivo in vento (1991) for solo flute
Elliott Carter: Triple duo (1983) for sextet
Diana Ceremyte: Silhouetten, Schatten, Vision (2011) – WP
Christopher Chandler: deep in liquid indigo (2010)
Victoria Cheah: I Watched the tealights hide (2017) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and electronic playback – WP
Lisa Cheney: When We Speak (2016) for cello and electroacoustic track
Anthony Cheung: Enjamb – Infuse – Implode (2006) for sextet
Eun-Hwa Cho: Et in arcadia ego (2001) for solo piano
Eun-Hwa Cho: Jouissance de la différence (2009/10) for ensemble – WP
Eun-Hwa Cho: Protos chronos (2006)
Eun-Hwa Cho: Trio (2003)
Youngmi Cho: Inflorescence – WP
JongYeoul Chong: Fragments – WP
Sivan Cohen Elias: Air Pressure (2010) for flute, clarinet, violin and cello
Mathieu Corajod: Scriptions (2015) – WP
Giampaolo Coral: Una lontana eco II (2006) for violin, cello and piano
Lucia D’Errico: Variation 8
Lucia D’Errico: Diabelli Variation n. VIII for sextet – WP
Michele Dall‘Ongaro: Trio n.2 (2008) for violin, cello and piano
Paulo de Assis: Diabelli Machines #5, after Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations op. 120 – Concept
Claude Debussy: Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (version for sextet: Michel Mathias) – WP
Robert Dick: Flames Must Not Encircle Sides, for solo flute
Franco Donatoni: Arpège (1986) for sextet
Georgy Dorokhov: Manifest (2009) for three polyfoams and bows
Peter Ivan Edwards: fleepercellimano (2013) for quartet – WP
Hanna Eimermacher: Kannst du diesen verkehrt fliegenden Vogel sehen? (2008) for bass flute and accordion
Jason Balthazar Eldridge: Disintegration (2017) for clarinet and violin – WP
Adrienne Elisha: Anthelion (2009) for sextet
Niklaus Erismann: Ruinen Schwalben Ruinen (2015) – WP
Patrizio Esposito: … While … for sextet – WP
Patrizio Esposito: D’amor la vecchia canzone per 5 strumenti ed elettronica
Patrizio Esposito: resonating body for sextet – WP
Morton Feldman: For Frank O’Hara (1973) for six instruments
Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel for soprano, alto, mixed choir and instruments
Morton Feldman: Samuel Beckett, Words and Music (1987) for actors and seven instruments
Morton Feldman: Why Patterns? (1978) for flute, percussion and piano
Morton Feldman: Four instruments for bells, piano, violin, cello
Brian Ferneyhough: Four miniatures (1965) for flute and piano
Sean Friar: Teaser (2008) for solo cello
Arturo Fuentes: Formantes (2009) for flute, bass clarinet, piano
Ashley Fure: Therefore I was (2012) for cello, piano and percussion
Beat Furrer: Aria (1999) for soprano and quintet
Beat Furrer: Gaspra (1988) for ensemble
Beat Furrer: Voicelessness. The snow has no voice (1986) for piano
Paolo Galli: …heraus in Luft… for piano, vibraphone, violin and cello
Paolo Galli: . . . heraus in Luft . . .
Maria Misael Gauchat: Le cinquième élément for quartet
Ada Gentile: Serene ombre (2011) for violin, cello and piano – WP
Marta Gentilucci: Über (2015) for clarinet, cello, piano
Stefano Gervasoni: Altra voce [Omaggio a Robert Schumann] (2015-17) for piano and live electronics
Stefano Gervasoni: Prés (selection) for piano solo
Theodoros Gkougkousoudis: METALAXIS (2014), for flute, clarinet, Vibraphone and Piano
Vladimir Gorlinsky: Accent sequence (2009) for piano and live el.
David Gorton: [Variation 12-14]
David Gorton: Three Deleuzabelli Variations
Gérard Grisey: Vortex temporum (1994-96) for sextet
Beat Gysin: Puls und Schlag (2012) for sextet – WP
Lars Petter Hagen: Archive Fever (2015/16) Live-installation for small ensemble, electronics, visuals – WP
Valentin Haller: und doch schwindend (2010) – WP
Torsten Herrmann: Macramé
Wieland Hoban: Razor’s Edge (2019) for fretless electric guitar and ensemble – WP
Robin Hoffmann: Birkhahn-Studie for Birkhahn-Locker (2005)
Jason Huffmann: Parabolysis (2010) for quintet
Tunk-Yunk Hung: Sprichwort, Zitat, Zungenbrecher (2010) – WP
Philippe Hurel: Tombeau, in Memoriam Gérard Grisey (1999) for piano and percussion
Clara Iannotta: D’après for ensemble (Swiss premiere)
Clara Iannotta: il colore dell’ombra (2010) for violin, cello and piano
Martin Iddon: crinaeae (2015) for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello – WP
Gregorio Jiménez: Los Misterios de Mitra (2009) for flutes and electronics
Yang Jing: Im Fluss (2015) – WP
Oscar Jockel: 300 (2014), for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Youngbin Jung: Grande Bagatelle, for 6 instruments
Alexander Kaiser: go in and you’ll never come out (2017-2018) for flute, clarinet, cello and piano – WP
Ji Young Kang: Gesang der Ewigkeit II (2009) for bass flute and cello
Jonghee Kang: Drawing (2012) for quintet
Andrzej Karałow: Imploded Aglomeration (2017) for cello, percussion and piano – WP
Stefan Keller: Kraft in Erscheinung (2012) for seven instruments – WP
Nathan Kelly: Harbor Music for flute and harp
Adam Kennaugh: Glass (2017) for violin and bass clarinet – WP
Sergey Khismatov: Primordial Soup (2019) for ensemble – WP

Dhonghee Kim: Reflexion (2010) for clarinet, piano and percussion – WP
Heera Kim: Pan (2009) for sextet – WP
Chunghoon Kim: Soft cut – WP
Panayiotis Kokoras: Delirium (2008) for amplified flute, cello and piano
Panayiotis Kokoras: Sound Theater Act II (2012) for sextet – WP
Andrew Koss: The Constant Search for Something Else (2017) for flute, clarinet and piano – WP
Helmut Lachenmann: Dal niente (Intérieur III) (1970) for clarinet
Helmut Lachenmann: Ein Kinderspiel for piano (1980) Hänschen klein / Wolken im eisigen Mondlicht / Akiko / Falscher Chinese, ein bißchen besoffen / Filterschaukel / Glockenturm / Schattentanz
Helmut Lachenmann: Guero (1970) for piano
Helmut Lachenmann: Trio fluido for clarinet, viola and percussion
Helmut Lachenmann: Wiegenmusik (1963) for piano
Michalis Lapidakis: Adieu (2011) for quintet – WP
Matthias Leboucher: SWIFT (2014), for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussions
Moonhee Lee: Herumfummeln (2015-16) for flute and piano – WP
Fred Lerdahl: Imbrications (2000) for sextet
Felix Leuschner: Requiem für einen Lebenden (2019) – Music theatre for three performers, ensemble and live electronics – WP
Lei Liang: Gobi Canticle (2004) for violin and cello
Lei Liang: Trio (2002) for piano, cello and percussion
Genoel von Lilienstern: Top (2012) for sextet – WP
Jung-A Lim: Streit und Kompromiss (2016) for alto flute
Magnus Lindberg: Steamboat Bill Jr. for clarinet and cello
Grégoire Lorieux: Brakhage Miniature (2010) for pianist and percussionist
Bruno Maderna: Honeyrêves (1961) for flute and piano
Julien Malaussena: Interlaced (interrelated) (2015) for flute, violoncello and piano
Ursula Mamlok: Arabesque (1961) for flute
Ursula Mamlok: Sintra (1969) for flute and cello
Tiziano Manca: Parlando
Tiziano Manca: [SENZA TITOLO] per flauto, clarinetto in sib, vibrafono e violoncello
Adam Maor: Underscore (2015) for flute, violoncello and piano
Elo Masing: studies in resonance II ( 2012/13) for piano
Michael Mathieson-Sandars: echolalia (2013) for sextet – WP (with Kupka’s Piano ensemble)
Olivier Messiaen: Le merle noir (1952) for flute and piano
Christopher Mitchell: Spheres (2017) for flute, percussion, piano and cello – WP
Mathias Møller: Dmitri schrieb (2010) for violin, cello and percussion – WP
Isabel Mundry: Sandschleifen for string trio, piano and percussion
Tristan Murail: Treize couleurs du soleil couchant (1978) for quintet
Sergej Newski: Rules of Love (20212/13) for soprano, alto and five instrumentalists
Sergej Newski: Wut (2013) for quartet – WP
Marko Nikodijevic: grid/index [III] (2015) (premiere, commissioned by Alte Oper Frankfurt)
Luigi Nono: …sofferte onde serene… for piano and tape
Helmut Oehring: Kleemusik (2011)
Helmut Oehring: Leuchter, aus: Kurz im Müll gestochert (1994)
Helmut Oehring: Melencolia (2010/12) for bass flute and piano
Emanuele Palumbo: Due studi brulicanti (2013) for solo cello
Dimitri Papageorgiou: In Pulses, in Strokes (2012) for sextet – WP
Jung-eun Park: Rose – WP
Juan Parra Cancino: DeleuzApierre
Juan Parra Cancino: DeleuzApierre for bass flute and bass clarinet
Luke Paulding: Ordination of verticals (2013) for sextet – WP (with Kupka’s Piano ensemble)
Mauricio Pauly: El teléfono en reposo pero atento (2015) for amplified ensemble and live electronics – WP
Francesco Pavan: Esile (2011) for violin, cello and piano – WP
Silvia Pepe: parole, orage (2014) for quartet
Robert HP Platz: Text aus “Stille” (1980) for flute and piano
Enno Poppe: Gelöschte Lieder (1999) for quintet
Enno Poppe: Thema mit 840 Variationen (1993/97) for piano
Enno Poppe: Trauben (2004/05) for violin, cello and piano
Andrea Portera: Immor(T)al Caricatures for violin, cello and piano
Rosalba Quindici: In corpi vaganti (2015) – WP
Javier Quislant Garcia: tornasolando el flanco (2017-2018) for flute, clarinet, cello and piano – WP
Nemanja Radivojevic: Pharos (2015) – WP
Steve Reich: Clapping Music (1972) for two performers
Lorenzo Restagno: cold, empty glade (2013) for flute, cello and piano
Lorenzo Restagno: ladyboy’s wings (2014) for quintet
Jeff Roberts: Breaking Bamboo, Shaking Jade (2009)
Steve Rouse: Diamonds (1989) for violin
Kaija Saariaho: Terrestre (2002) for quintet
José M. Sánchez-Verdú: Arquitecturas del Límite (2005-12)
José M. Sánchez-Verdú: Territorio interior (2014) for violin, cello and piano
Rebecca Saunders: Quartet (1998)
Giacinto Scelsi: Hyxos for flute, gongs and bells
Nissim Schaul: Trio (2010) for violin, cello and percussion
Dieter Schnebel: Nostalgia II (1962) for conductor
Dieter Schnebel: Poem für 7 Arme from Zeichen-Sprache/ Musik für Gesten und Stimmen
Robert Schumann: aus Kinderszenen op. 15: Von fremden Ländern und Menschen – Hasche-Mann – Der Dichter spricht
Robert Schumann: Romanze I, op.94 for flute and piano
Robert Schumann: Romanze II, op.94 for flute and piano
Robert Schumann: Romanze III, op.94 for flute and piano
Benjamin Schweitzer: Camaieu (2010) for ensemble – WP
Salvatore Sciarrino: Il legno e la parola (2004) for bass marimba
Salvatore Sciarrino: Lo spazio inverso (1985) for quintet
Salvatore Sciarrino: Melencolia I for violoncello and piano
Marko Slaviček: FOR SALE: BABY’S SHOES, NEVER WORN (2014) after a six-word novel attributed to Ernest Hemingway, for violin, violoncello, percussion and piano
Lisa Streich: Zucker, for motorized ensemble
Marco Stroppa: Osja, seven strophes for a literary drone (2005/2008) for violin, cello, piano
Marco Stroppa: Ay, there’s the rub (2001) for cello solo
Jagoda Szmytka: just.before.after (2010) an audiovisual performance for puppet player, seven musicians and live el. – WP
Jagoda Szmytka: Limbo lander (2014) an audiovisual performance for six musicians, video and live el. – WP
Jagoda Szmytka: pores open wide shut (2013) for quartet – WP
Diego Jiménez Tamame: don’t condescend (don’t even disagree) (2014) for quintet
Daniela Terranova: Di natura sottile (2016/2019) for ensemble – WP of the new version
Hans Thomalla: Cello Counterpart (2006) for cello
José Luis Tora: Comment subdiviser les regards (2006)
Richard Trythall: Fantasy (2010) for piano
Stefan Ullmann: Royal March of Nibiru (2014), for flute, clarinet, glockenspiel, piano, violin and cello
Hakan Ulus: A.Q.A.R. (2014) for ensemble and band
Mariana Ungureanu: Fibres Nord (2010) for sextet – WP
Bart Vanhecke: Commentaire . . . Variation 20
Bart Vanhecke: Variation XX … commentaire for small ensemble
Nadir Vassena: cinque stanze buie for flute, cello and piano – UK premiere
Maya Verlaak: Hide & Seek (2019) for ensemble, computer keyboard and electronic – WP
Daniel Vezza: The nature of evidence (2010) for flute, cello and piano – WP
Julien Vincenot: MOrphism 0.9.2a (2010) for sextet – WP
Melinda Wagner: Wick (2012) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion – Spanish Premiere
Lars Werdenberg: Manoeuvres (2012) for piano solo / for flute, percussion and piano – WP
Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds b (1987-1988) für Schlagzeug solo
Onur Yıldırım: Mus-I zaman (2012) for ensemble
Onur Yıldırım: upa.naxturušu (2013) for quartet – WP
Jinpyeong Yoo: Four songs for Father – WP