Three composers meet three writers

Premiere: March 9, 2012 – Dampfzentrale Bern
Supported by IGNM Bern and Hochschule der Künste Bern

Idea, concept and stage design: Bettina Danielle Berger
Music: Ensemble Interface
Actor: Thibault Schiemann
Light design: Christoph Adrian Kuhn
Sound design: Leo Hofmann

Morton Feldman Intermission VI (1953)
Morton Feldman Words and Music (1986/87) – Radio play on a text by Samuel Beckett
Pedro Alvarez Fragments after Cioran (2011/12)
Helmut Oehring Melencolia I (2010/12)

This staged concert connects the radio play ‘Words and Music’ by Beckett and Feldman with recent music works by Pedro Álvarez and Helmut Oehring. The stage design – characterized by everyday objects like cables and loudspeakers – conveys new music as an engaging and challenging experience to children, audience and specialists alike.

The project zeitgewoben shows us how also a non-expert audience can be filled with enthusiasm by contemporary music.“
Christian Pauli, journalist and music activist Bern

zeitgewoben wins the Burgdorf Innovation Award 2013 for the original idea, concept and stage design.

Presentation of the Interface-Project zeitgewoben at the Innovation Award Burgdorf 2013