31. Festival di Milano Musica | Auditorium San Fedele
7 June 2022 | 20:00

Interface is proud to present this new project in collaboration with the 31. Festival of Milano Musica. The shadow of sounds, a whole evening with music by Filippo Perocco, revolves around his new piece Filigrana, a commission by Milano Musica.
Filigrana explores the different places where the human voice and the voice of the instrument get close. The human voice approaches the voice of the instrument – the instrument crosses the border through the voice of its performer. Each performer moves in this area made of tension and hesitation. No statements, not even questions, just faded images to be observed.
Around this new work, and in reverberation with it, an archipelago of other works, like fluid bridges made of sound. Debris, voices, electroacoustic memories, intimate thoughts. Precarious fragments of a larger, blurred frame, as seen through a murky waters.

Filippo Perocco (1972):

Detrito in Aquagranda (2015)
Detrito in Acquapietra (2014)
Detrito in Acquatorbida (2015)
for flute, clarinet, prepared piano, violin, cello and resonators

Delle ombre fatte da’ ponti sopra la loro acqua (2018)
for flute, clarinet, prepared piano, violin, cello

Nuvolette (2020)
for prepared piano and resonator

Filigrana (2022)
for ensemble
commissioned by Milano Musica – world premiere


Bettina Berger, flutes
Andrea Nagy, clarinets
Anna D’Errico, piano
Georgia Privitera, violin
Christophe Mathias, cello

Paolo Brandi, sound engineer