Grant for new composition

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Composer Santiago Diez-Fischer is recipient of a grant from the Argentinian foundation Artis, that will support the composition of a new a piece for Ensemble Interface in 2016.
Through this grant, Artis is supporting Santiago Diez-Fischer towards the composition of a series of works during 2013-2016, including the opera Nuit Aveugle, the ensemble pieces Canción del ciego, Un jardin primitivo, Solo verás ahora and the solo pieces One poetic switch for piano and Residual switch for e-guitar.
„The new piece for Ensemble Interface will be a sextet, using as starting material a set of sounds performed with different objects by the percussionist and the pianist, such as plastic boxes played with a double bass bow and e-guitar pedals. Harmonic material for the whole piece will be generated by the tuning frequencies of these sounds. Each instrument will entertain a different relationship with these sonorities, through exploration of particular extended techniques“. (Santiago Diez-Fischer)

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