Aus der Sicht der Komponisten: Jagoda Szmytka

The topic of being “in between” is very actual for many people of my generation. I have an impression that at the moment all is about living in a kind of “permanent Zwischenzone” – we all are constantly floating in the internet spaces, watching the reality from a global perspectives that are crossing, overlapping, re-moving, re-defining, melting. Sometimes it is even difficult to re-cognize not only the things, but as well to get to know who is real, who is not – as everybody might own more then one profile, avatar or any other re-presentation of oneself. Moreover, it is not anymore about catching neither a fixed point of view nor a fixed identity of anything: neither personality, nor sounds, speaking about music field… I think it is about finding temporary actual positioning of the interest and trying to follow it in all directions it goes.

At the end – “Zwischenzone” – is becoming the main zone of reality, as if the borders were swollen and growing up to the size of the matter they define.

At the end – it is about pores, not the surface of the skin. – Jagoda Szmytka, September 2013